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Contact the Progressive Action Alliance

These public service announcements were brought to you by the Progressive Action Alliance

We are based in southeast Texas, but open to all, wherever you are, as long as you are interested in progressive change. 

E-mail us at

About the EMAIL lists

We have several mailing lists; some are low-volume and small, and others high-volume and detailed. The main lists are below, but there are several  mailing lists that you may subscribe to depending on your interest on the forums page. There is also an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page available.

1) PAA Announcements-only list - typically one message per week, important messages and summary of selected upcoming events
2) PAA Discussion list - originally called our "Core" group list,s limited to only those members who were very active in our group. However, it's open to all now. Any list member may post messages to it. This list currently averages about 20 messages per day posted to it.

We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for the PAA announcements list, regardless of whether you want to be on the discussion list, as important announcements go only to the first list and you'll miss them if you are only on the second one. If you have trouble signing up for any list or have any questions, issues or comments, please contact the list administrators at or

Get Involved!

Several action groups / committees exist to promote issues we care about. Information about joining our mailing lists and upcoming events for each area of interest are below.